Mesotherapy, why should I choose it?


Facial Mesotherapy is a method that is constantly gaining ground in recent years. Gives the skin hydration and rejuvenation, radiance, tightening, smoothing of fine wrinkles and improvement of discolorations while the production of collagen and elastin plays a role. On the roof it offers tightening, reduction of stretch marks, examination of cellulite and fat dissolution.

My clients often have many questions about this treatment, we will answer them and solve the myths surrounding mesotherapy.

Does Mesotherapy hurt?

Yes Mesotherapy has a minimal pain, at best a feeling of discomfort. Before starting the mesotherapy, if the client wishes, an anesthetic cream can be applied.

Can it alter my features? Will I be deformed?

No, it does not bring about any such change. Mesotherapy should not be confused with other types of invasive treatments or not.

Does Mesotherapy leave scars?

Redness may develop, which subsides in 1 to 2 days, and / or very small bruises that disappear in a few days.

At what age should I start or is it for my age?

Mesotherapy is not for older people. It can be applied to young women. This results in the delay of the appearance of wrinkles and the aging of the skin in general.

Does it apply during the summer months?

Of course, as long as we are very careful with sun protection and sunbathing. Especially in the summer months when we will help our dehydrated skin.

Will it help me lose points in my body?

Yes! As for the body of mesotherapy can be applied alone or in combination with other treatments. It has excellent results in local thickness, cellulite and tightening.

How do you feel about adding vitamins to your skin, rather than waiting for them to reach them through food? This is exactly what mesotherapy does, that is, the immediate nourishment, regeneration and restoration of the skin. Worth to try!


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