Recalling the past and connecting it with the future, I remember when I was a child, how I wanted to interact with people, to receive from their energy and to offer from my own.

I was born in Corinth and grew up in Perachora of Corinthia, a beautiful village that gave me a free childhood in nature.

I studied Aesthetics and Cosmetology at ΑΤΕΙ of Athens (now ΠΑΔΑ). I left my artistic concerns as a musician, since at the same time I was studying in the Clarinet class at the Athens Conservatory, and I followed the direct contact with people that attracted me since I was a child. So I followed another art, that of Aesthetics, massage, beauty and mental empowerment.

My concern is to do the best for you!



  • From 1995 to 2008 I was actively and diligently involved with music.
  • In 2003 I graduated from the Lyceum of Loutraki and was admitted to higher education, where I graduated in 2009.
  • In 2007 I started my internship as a Makeup Artist at the state channel of ΕΡΤ.
  • In the following years I worked in hotels as a Spa Therapist (Saint John Mykonos, Hotel Pentelikon Kefalari, Helona Resort by Hilton Kos).
  • In 2009 I’m in Athens and specifically in Neo Psychiko, at the Aethra Aesthetics Center, working as an Aesthetician.
  • My professional concerns lead me in 2011 to attend the postgraduate program of ATEI Piraeus in “International Business Administration”, where I graduate in 2015 specializing in “Human Resource Management”.
  • I return to my hometown in 2012, where I work at Loutraki Thermal Spa as a Aesthetician and Massage Technician. Our collaboration lasted until 2017. At the same time I worked for the companies Radiance and Seventeen in the field of sales and makeup.
  • From 2015 to 2020 I worked at an Aesthetics center in Corinth as an Aesthetician and Permanent Facial Makeup Technician.
  • In 2021 I’m in my own space, Calisti. A warm, intimate and pleasant space that mixes myth with reality and its purpose is harmony and satisfaction.
  • I’m married and a mother of three children.


Calisti or Kallisti or Kallisto. A play on words but the essence is always the same “the most beautiful”.

Callisto, daughter of King Lycaon, got her name from the word kallos, which means beauty, loveliness. As a nymph she had given a vow of chastity to the goddess Artemis, which she broke and gave birth to Arkadas. To punish her, the goddess transformed her into a bear. One day the mother, being a bear, met her son Arkadas, who unknowingly wanted to kill her. Then Zeus turned him into a bear to prevent matricide.

He transferred them to the sky and transformed them into constellations, the Big and the Little Dipper. Thus they passed into eternity.

The “C” on our logo indicates Kallisto and the stars the constellation of Arkadas. We wanted through the myth to connect, with our services, both sexes and all the qualities of a human being. A woman, man, teenager, mother, father, child.

The space was created with great love and special care! It’s a hospitable and intimate space, inspired by my career path so far.

With minimal lines and timeless touches, it wants to offer you relaxation, satisfaction and a sense of well-being.

To give you a wonderful day and together to reach your best self!

Our services are of high quality, they have a wide range with excellent results and our goal is to offer a resolution to your aesthetic quests!

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