The need for soft skin without unwanted hair growth is now a dream we can all have.

Fuerte also known as Smartcube, made entirely in Spain by Sipania Technologies, achieves maximum efficiency, with minimal (almost zero) pain and quick application.

The latest generation Diode Laser for Hair Removal is the most modern hair removal system in the world as it has a triple array of diodes combining laser beams in three different wavelengths. In practice, this means that it penetrates to three different depths in the skin, affecting all the anatomical structures of the hair follicle. The Diode Laser can be applied effectively on all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest. In addition, it is the most suitable hair removal method for men, as the triple targeting acts very effectively on durable male hair.

The following three wavelengths (3d) are centered at the head of the latest generation Diode Laser Fuerte.

The 755nm wavelength corresponds to the wavelength that the technology of Alexandritis acts on surface hair growth. The wavelength of 810nm corresponds to the wavelength of the Diode Laser, has a high degree of pulse repetition and a larger area of action, it is also ideal for dark skin, offering fast hair removal sessions. The wavelength at 1064nm penetrates deeper into the hair follicle and affects its blood flow.

At the same time, Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology operates by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents the reappearance of hair, avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. SHR technology allows treatment 365 days a year even on tanned skin.

Finally, the scanning technique with the continuous movement of the laser head over the area being treated ensures complete coverage of this area, while the cooling technology acts on the surface of the skin allowing painless and extremely effective hair removal.

How many treatments will it take to get rid of unwanted hair growth once and for all?
From the very first session you will see an impressive reduction in hair growth. Most people need 6-8 sessions per area for final results. But it also depends on the individual factors of each skin and each organism. Usually the Aesthetician is able to accurately estimate the number of applications that are needed.

In general, laser hair removal has a decisive effect against hair that is in the regeneration phase. However, not all body hair is in the same phase at the same time. For this reason, some repetitions of the application are necessary, on average every 4-5 weeks.

An appointment to evaluate hair growth will help us accurately estimate the cost of application and the number of repetitions.



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