Permanent makeup

With semi-permanent makeup (or micro-pigmentation) you can have amazing makeup without accidents, which can last for years!

It is a financially efficient alternative solution in relation to a cosmetic pencil which is applied to eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. We promise you a stable result which will be a long lasting delight.

To achieve the result, two sessions are needed that are one month apart from each other.

All the pigments we use are hypoallergenic and come from a top German company in the field of micro-pigmentation. They’re ideal for sensitive eyes or users of contact lenses.

Tattoo Eyeliner


Eyebrows are important features of the face because of the many functions they serve, since they emphasize the eyes, shape the face and play a determining role in communication.

Eyebrows that are asymmetrical, that have thinned down or that have started falling because of age can be adjusted with the correct shape and color.

Immediately your face will look younger! The techniques we use are hair by hair, shading and their combination.


Semi-permanent eyeliner is waterproof, resistant to showers, the gym and the sea and offers an appearance of natural beauty without the time and hassle of frequent applications with a cosmetic pencil.

It can be applied to the top eyelid, the lower eyelid or to both. Subtle, fine or bolder, you can adjust it to your style.


Adjust the shape and add fullness, volume and definition.

It is also recommended for the subtle expansion of your natural outline. The technique can also be expanded to filling the lips with pigments.

After the first week, the color brightens by 30-40%, this happens because of the natural renewal of skin cells.



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